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S.O.P. — Save Our Planet!

When one looks deeply into the present situation in the world, two things stand out as particularly important: the danger of war and the acceleration of the Earth’s ecological imbalance. There are, of course, many other problems: the economic debacle which affects many countries, especially in the West; the huge increases in the price of food, especially the staple diet of many millions; the huge, and growing, disparity in living standards between the rich and the poor.

 All of these problems are important and require early resolution. The two first named must command the attention of all sensible men* and governments for they present the greatest threat to man’s wellbeing. Wars, large and small, should by now be unthinkable, but, sadly, this is not the case. Even a world which has known the folly and futility of war at its most terrible has still not relinquished, totally, that abomination. The governments are seduced into thinking that old ways will, after all, render up their coveted prize. The weapons of war, therefore, have become indispensible and a major trading asset. While the weapons are there they will be used. Small wars beget large wars as more countries become involved. Large nations fight by proxy through their allies and so prolong unimportant quarrels into war. This major danger must be abandoned by all nations. It threatens the very existence of men on Earth.

 Apart from war, nothing so profoundly affects the future of all men as much as pollution. Some countries have recognised this fact and have taken some steps to limit pollution and global warming. Others, sometimes the chief polluters, deny the reality of global warming despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary. Daily, now, the climatic changes prove beyond doubt that the planet is sick and needs immediate and skillful care to reestablish equilibrium. Time is running out for men to halt the transformation which is being daily wrought on planet Earth. Every man, woman and child must play their part in the task. Time is, verily, running out. S.O.P. Save Our Planet!

Readers may find it interesting to note that it is hoped that S.O.P. will eventually become an internationally well-known phrase to rally all to take action to save our planet.

This article, published in Share International magazine, was written by a Master of Wisdom. The Masters, headed by Maitreya, the World Teacher, are highly advanced teachers and advisors of humanity who are planning to work openly in the world very soon.

 *The term “men” is used throughout this article in the generic sense referring to all people.


Benjamin Creme: a messenger of hope


For over 30 years, a man whom some call a modern-day John the Baptist has been traveling the globe, telling audiences that the second coming of Christ will not be a celestial spectacle in a distant future, but is instead a real event, unfolding since 1977, behind the scenes of everyday life, and signifying the reappearance of a great spiritual teacher for all people - a World Teacher, who is not only Christ returned, but also the long-awaited Messiah, Imam Mahdi, Krishna, and the Fifth Buddha, all one and the same individual. This World Teacher, whose name is Maitreya, stands at the head of an enlightened group known as the Masters of Wisdom, who are here to help humanity solve the problems of the world.

The man with this earth-shaking news is British artist, author, and futurist Benjamin Creme. In 1982, at a news conference in Los Angeles, Mr Creme challenged the media to cover this incredible story as it was then just beginning to unfold. But news media declined, asking for more tangible evidence. Since then, tangible evidence of extraordinary nature and proportions has been amassing. And at a news conference on November 25, 1997, Benjamin Creme presented this evidence: photographs, reports, correspondence, and corroboration from a former United States government official, that Benjamin Creme's story is true. In the next half hour, this compelling evidence and highlights of Mr Creme's news conference will be shown, including his explanation of who Maitreya is, why he is here, and what this means for our future.

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See the YouTube special:

Benjamin Creme on the State of the World




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The 'Star' Sign

a video on YouTube

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Cable TV Schedule


  "If the Christ Returned Today..."
Channel 29 Comcast
San Francisco

Every Wednesday night at 7:00 P.M.

A New World is Coming!

The World Teacher and the Masters of Wisdom have
come to help us in our time of crisis. Learn about the
positive changes which lie ahead for humanity in these
extraordinary TV series.

The following are descriptions of some of the shows that
are appearing on local cable access television in certain
Bay Area cities.  The programs are all a half hour in length.
If you would like to bring these shows to your local
cable access station, please contact us at (510) 841-3738.

“Emergence of the World Teacher” is a one-on-one
interview between British author, Benjamin Creme, and
former newscaster, Rollin Olson. Creme describes the
imminent appearance of great spiritual teachers who will
guide humanity out of the present chaos into an era of
peace, social and economic justice, and global
cooperation. (27:36) (1990)

“Breaking the Biggest Story in History” documents
three categories of evidence which support Creme’s claims
regarding the emergence of the World Teacher. The
program contains excerpts from Creme’s November 25,
1997 press conference in Los Angeles, along with
narration, music, graphics and photos, including the many
miraculous manifestations occurring around the world.
(28:00) (1998)

In “Transmission Meditation” Benjamin Creme explains
the purpose and practice of this simple yet potent service
activity, performed by hundreds of groups, which is
helping to transform our world and, at the same time, the
individuals participating in it. (27:09) (1989)

“Crosses of Light” is an award-winning documentary
about the mysterious light formations that have been
appearing in the windows of homes throughout the world,
and particularly in the Los Angeles area where this film
was produced. Reports on these crosses have regularly
appeared in the news media over the past several years.
Many who see the crosses claim dramatic healing
experiences. (26:13) (1990)


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